Upcoming Events

Kathleen Collins with drumA schedule of upcoming events is posted on this page. Check back often to take advantage of these opportunities.

Regular Monthly Meetings

The Third Sunday of Each Month:

The Shamanic Journey, 1-3 pm at the Davenport School of Yoga, 735 Federal Street, Davenport, IA. Suggested offering: $10.00.
Bring an eye cover, blanket and a drum or rattle if you have one, notebook and pen and an OPEN heart. Wear a mask; social distancing honored.
Park in back or in parking lot across the street. $10 donation requested.


Celebrate Winter Solstice: December 18 4:00pm – December 19 9:00am, Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center, Wheatland IA. INFO HERE    REGISTER HERE

The Sacred Medicine Wheel: March 26, 2022, 9:30 am-3:30 pm, Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center, Wheatland IA.

Special Pricing:

Discovery of Power Animal    $75  (to find purpose/path/one’s nature/self knowledge=FUN)
Ma’at   $75   (to lighten up from baggage and life’s heaviness=HEALING/LIGHTENING)
Discovery of Soul’s Essence   $75  (to see what your energy looks like and how it feels to others/self knowledge=POWERFUL)
All these services make fabulous gift certificates.  All of this work can be done for those anywhere in the world via a phone call. These services are payable by cash, check or by PayPal.

I give workshops on The Medicine Wheel, increasing Intuition, and The Shamanic Journey. I am available to teach an introduction to shamanism, Shamanic journeying techniques, and a wide variety of other topics both to individuals and groups. Schedule me to lead a drum circle for your group.

As a minister for the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards, I am able to perform ceremonies of all kinds, including marriage and funerals. 

It will be my honor to assist you.            ~Kathleen Collins