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New Special Offers!

winter specials

The Dragonfly is offering new seasonal specials–plan ahead and make your holiday shopping so easy!

Gift certificates are available for Power Animal retrievals for the holidays (or any time). Delight someone you love with an unforgettable and possibly even life-changing gift.

Special pricing for Soul Retrieval is here, just in time for your holiday gift giving.
From Winter Solstice through January 24 you may purchase gift certificates or schedule your own Soul Retrieval,  regularly $150.00  NOW value-priced at just $100.00.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this special pricing to enrich your life and the lives of those you love.

winter special offers

April Special: Divination

april special divination

Divination Special

Usually $100.00. This month: $75.00
Divination is a simple process for you. You just give me the questions that concern you, and we set a phone time to discuss the answers. Or, you can arrange to meet with me personally.

The responses come from my spiritual teachers. Your questions can be about ANYTHING or ANYONE in your life. This can be VERY helpful.

Happy Spring!

It is my honor to serve you.

Compassionate Depossession: February Special Pricing, Limited time offer

compassionate depossession

Compassionate depossession is offered at a special price point during the month of February. Move forward unimpeded; remove what limits your progress.

The Dragonfly by Kathleen Collins, is offering special pricing in February until March 1, 2015 on Compassionate Depossession. This service, normally $100.00, is offered only during the month of February for just $75.00.

There are real cases of spiritual possession. It’s also important to note that at the same time most of us can experience being ‘overshadowed’–as if some ‘thing’ is in our way. This ‘something’ can be gently removed from your energy field. In compassionate depossession, the Shaman escorts that spirit to the place it is meant to be.

This is very powerful, yet very simple work and can release you to move on your way more strongly.