act of power

Act of Power at Our Lady of the Prairie–Beginning a new season with determination

Participants of the Act of Power event at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center pose with the Prayer Arrow they fabricated during the day.


Kathleen Collins led participants in an event on Saturday, May 22 that helped open Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center to the public after the pandemic.

Spring allows us to welcome our new growth into the world and with this our Act of Power. Retreatants discovered what they’ve always wanted to do through some reflective time spent in meditation. Our good intentions are not often executed, due to not enough time, enough money, enough courage, enough self-belief. \

This day helped participants create baby steps to accomplish their dreams through the year. They each had the opportunity to create a Prayer Arrow in honor of their personal goal.

Beginning 2020 with personal power

participants at work

Participants create a symbol of their goal, a reminder to claim their power.


If you want power, you have to make a place inside you for it to live. When you make an act of power, you begin to manifest your true destiny in this lifetime. It is a gathering of your strength, and energy.

Act of Power group

Group members cry “Ho!” as they stand proudly with their power symbol–the arrow.

Retreat participants at Our Lady of the Prairie spent meditative time discovering what they have always wanted to do. Then, they created small steps to get there through the coming year. Finally, each one created a Prayer Arrow in honor of their personal goal. It will serve as a reminder during 2020 of the direction each one chose for her life.