Soul Retrieval


Life can bring us moments of profound disappointment, abuse of any kind, trauma in many forms, as well as losses due to death of loved ones, giving parts of ourselves away when we want to be loved, having parts of ourselves taken by those who want us to love them.

We can have experiences-like anesesthsia and suger, divorce and accidents- after which we never feel the same. We sometimes hear people say: ‘Before my surgery…after my surgery,” as if life has changed and they no longer feel like the same person.

Often we do not know what we need but suspect we need healing sometimes. The shaman does not pretend to know what you need either. So, a journey is taken to spirit, and spirit knows what you need, takes us to the event causing “soul loss,” and is told exactly what was lost. The missing piece returned to you.

This work can go to the core of our concerns and truly get you “launched” to move forward. It is gentle and powerful!