Power Animals–Animal Counterparts

Kathleen Collins with snake

The power animal is also known as the totem, spirit animal, familiar, or your medicine. Each of us has one or more power animals who have helped us survive.

These animals are in the spirit world and represent the gifts and powers specific to the person. Discovering your power animal is both enjoyable and empowering!

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Knowing power animals creates harmony in the world: harmony with Nature and with each other.

Introduction to Power Animals

All people have verbal and nonverbal ways of communicating, which let others know what energies they contain. We communicate through body language, through words, and through symbolic acts of creation. In ancient times, and oftentimes still today, Native Americans carry shields or placed shields on tripods in front of their lodges. These shields were painted with symbols that defined the owner’s spiritual background. The images depicted the work the person had accomplished not only in the physical world but also in the world of spirit. Frequently the images included power animals.

Warriors would spend years in preparation for the sacred time when they would journey alone to a mountaintop or sacred ground to seek a vision. Their conversation with the Great Spirit would illuminate the direction of their path. Included in this quest was the search for an animal of power that would lend strength and wisdom to their life. Nonnative people also have their power animals, but for the most part are unaware of them. We have our instincts and our original nature that yearns to be expressed, but we don’t know how. There is a wildness in all of us that loves the earth and wants to speak and be heard. We repress the perfection of that nature and rarely allow ourselves to do ceremony or experience the wildness of our own souls. We forget to communicate our feelings and instincts through dance, singing, dreaming, or performance as people have done throughout history. We have lost touch, it seems, with the more spontaneous aspects of ourselves. So we hide who we truly are because our culture no longer values living in an instinctual, intuitive way.

Getting a sense of your power animal can help you identify what you are truly about. A power animal is part of you and help you build power and focus energy. We need to relearn how to know ourselves in this way. If you are a bear, no wonder you rest in the winter and don’t like to start new projects until spring. Knowing your power animal means knowing yourself better. How can you define who you actually are if you do not really and truly have the experience of knowing who you are on an instinctual level? This is empowering and FUN! And helps us recognize areas of challenge in our lives as well!

power animal

Do you see a similarity in the woman and her power animal?