Outlooks and Perspectives

Why we’re named “The Dragonfly”

The DragonflyThe dragonfly reminds us of ancient time (Doesn‘t it look like it’s from another time?) and shamanism connects us to the wisdom of the past that we can use NOW. It is vital!

And a dragonfly is most often seen near water and light.

Power of light:

  • Breaking down illusions
  • Seeing the truth in situations

Plus, everyone stops to look at a dragonfly–wow….so, hopefully people will find magic in their own lives through our work together!

Thus, the name of my business–The Dragonfly.


Meet Guiness. Live in harmony with nature.

Meet GuinessGuiness is my very gentle roommate who assists me with healing and helping clients, as well as myself! He was a-literally-gift to me and has continued to be a GIFT to me and many others.

The harmony we feel when connected with Nature and our special “four-leggeds” reminds us of the possibility of living with all in harmony.

Try the Ongoing Monthly Healing Group

k c drummingOn the second Sunday of every month (except February), Kathleen Collins facilitates The Healing Group from 3-5 PM. The public is welcome to attend this group for a nominal $5.00 donation  This group gathers to focus healing energies for family, friends, yourself, community and the planet. Please bring a drum or rattle if you have one (or any musical instrument).

Location: 3420 Towne Pointe Drive,   Bettendorf, Iowa  MAP

You sit in the center of your own circle of truth, in ever-increasing stillness, knowing that you have indeed accomplished what you have come onto this earth to do.

You have made your mark.

You have added to the world in some way.

You have manifested your truth and your beauty, and now a kind of stillness inhabits you.

You begin to watch life in all its mystery, like a great wise one who is full of love and power.   person in circle

Monthly Sunday sessions open to the public

person in circle


The Dragonfly Shamanic Counseling offers monthly group sessions on the first Sunday afternoon of each month. The August 2014 session is held at the Davenport School of Yoga (3rd Floor) at 421 Brady Street from 2-4 pm.
The public is invited and encouraged to join us in connecting more deeply with Spirit Helpers and Power Animals!
Suggestion Donation:  $5.00