Conventional / Clinical Counseling available at The Dragonfly

Do you seek counseling? Kathleen Collins, a certified and licensed mental hecounselingalth professional, provides a variety of conventional and clinical counseling services. These include:

  • Individual Counseling

  • Marital/Couples/ Relationship Counseling

  • Family Counseling

  • Men’s Support Group (age 30+) for survivors of sexual assault

  • LGBTQ Issues

  • Crisis Counselor: Available to families, groups and businesses after a loss or crisis event

Counseling for:  Addictions  * Anger  * Anxiety  * Chronic Pain  

Childhood/Past Traumas  * Depression, Grief & Loss  

Personal Empowerment  * Phobias & Fears  

Transition to New Life Phases      

Assured Counseling Confidentiality!

Kathleen Collins can conduct telephone counseling sessions for clients who use PayPal for payment services.