CommUniversity 2022 in the Quad Cities

Study “The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge & Power” with Kathleen at CommUniversity. This four-session course takes place the four Sundays in February 2022. Come to learn or deepen the knowledge you already have!

Class description:

The shamanic journey is a remarkable visionary method for entering into another reality with discipline and purpose. Using classic drumming techniques to alter consciousness, participants will be introduced to the shamanic journey to awaken one’s soul and dormant spiritual power. We will travel outside of time and space into another reality and make contact with compassionate helping spirits, such as teachers and power animals, for personal wisdom and to gain knowledge to help create a better world for yourself and others.

Bring a blanket to sit on the floor or chair, something to cover your eyes, a notebook and pen. Registration for the course: $40.

More info on this year’s CommUniversity offerings HERE. Register online HERE or call 309-796-8223 and register for CLASS ID 064.

Download a brochure about this session 2022: CommUniversity

The Shamanic Journey: A Powerhouse of Energy


Kathleen Collins lead The Shamanic Journey, a one day workshop at Our Lady of the Prairie in-person on Saturday, September 25. The shamanic journey is a remarkable visionary method for entering into another reality with discipline and purpose. Using classic drumming techniques to alter consciousness, participants were introduced to the shamanic journey to awaken one’s soul and dormant spiritual power. They traveled outside of time and space into another reality and made contact with compassionate helping spirits, such as teachers and power animals, for personal wisdom and to gain knowledge to help create a better world. This group was a real powerhouse of energy.

Act of Power at Our Lady of the Prairie–Beginning a new season with determination

Participants of the Act of Power event at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center pose with the Prayer Arrow they fabricated during the day.


Kathleen Collins led participants in an event on Saturday, May 22 that helped open Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center to the public after the pandemic.

Spring allows us to welcome our new growth into the world and with this our Act of Power. Retreatants discovered what they’ve always wanted to do through some reflective time spent in meditation. Our good intentions are not often executed, due to not enough time, enough money, enough courage, enough self-belief. \

This day helped participants create baby steps to accomplish their dreams through the year. They each had the opportunity to create a Prayer Arrow in honor of their personal goal.

Explore the “Ancient Shamanic Journey” at CommU in February 2020

Discover your power animal and travel down the rabbit hole to discover your wisdom and answers to
life’s concerns. Become empowered. Come to Black Hawk College every Sunday in February from 2-4PM and brighten up your winter.

This course will explore core shamanism as practiced by every culture since the
dawn of humanity. Learn how to connect with your spiritual teachers who can help make
profound changes to your life. This is empowerment work!

This class is experiential with discussion about shamanism and how it can be used today. This is truly FUN!

Please bring a notebook, a pen, an eye cover and a rattle or drum, if you have one.

Register HERE for Ancient Shamanic Journey. Fee: $40. You can pay online.

You can also register by mail, phone or fax. MORE INFO on CommUniversity on the Black Hawk College website.

Share our Facebook event page with others who may be interested. CommU is more fun with friends.

Beginning 2020 with personal power

participants at work

Participants create a symbol of their goal, a reminder to claim their power.


If you want power, you have to make a place inside you for it to live. When you make an act of power, you begin to manifest your true destiny in this lifetime. It is a gathering of your strength, and energy.

Act of Power group

Group members cry “Ho!” as they stand proudly with their power symbol–the arrow.

Retreat participants at Our Lady of the Prairie spent meditative time discovering what they have always wanted to do. Then, they created small steps to get there through the coming year. Finally, each one created a Prayer Arrow in honor of their personal goal. It will serve as a reminder during 2020 of the direction each one chose for her life.

Celebrate WINTER SOLSTICE 2019


COME JOIN US TO CELEBRATE THE RETURN OF THE SUN! This is an opportunity to find some calm during the rushing holiday season! Find time for your spirit! This event will be facilitated by Kathleen Collins.

Where: Benet House Rock Island 2200 88th Ave N   This is just beautiful property!

WHEN: Friday, December 20 beginning at 5PM JOINING TOGETHER in a gathering.

FOOD: light meal served : soup and bread and veggies and dessert

Enjoy a Winter Solstice meditation. Attendees can offer their talents and sell gifts, as well. (Let Kathleen know what you would like to do or sell.)
Drumming – Journeying – Fire ceremony – Quiet time time to chat and just be together or alone.

We will come to a ceremonial end at 9 PM.

FEE: $25 to my email via PayPal [ostrichkc@live.com] or check to: 3649 Cedarview Ct., Bettendorf 52722

OR register through the Benet House Retreat Center.

Act of Power Workshop Day, January 4, 2020

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay .

Saturday, January 4 | 9:30-3:30 | Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center, Wheatland IA

If you want power, you have to make a place inside you for it to live. When you make an act of power, you begin to manifest your true destiny in this lifetime. It is a gathering of your strength, and energy.

At this one day workshop, we will spend meditative time discovering what you have always wanted to do. We will create small steps for you to get there through the year and create a Prayer Arrow in honor of your goal! Fee $30

Please register 3 days prior to date of retreat.

Call 563-336-8414 OR email olpretreat@gmail.com

WORKSHOP: Your Sacred Contracts (No book required)

sacred contracts workshop

sacred contracts workshop

It is believed that we negotiate with 12 Archetypes before birth to help us learn the lessons we are meant to learn in a lifetime! We have a sacred contract with them “Archetypes are the architects of our lives. They are the energy companions through which we learn to understand ourselves. These psychological and emotional patterns-how we live and who we love-can lead us to a profound understanding of our purpose.”

Let’s discover yours through deep discussion and FUN! This is powerful and helpful work. We will also learn to solve problems using the archetypes.

We need some time for this work so these are both: November 16 (12-5) November 23 (1-4)

Where: my condo 3649 Cedarview Ct., Bettendorf

Cost: $150 check cash or PayPal. Some insurance companies will pay for this (just ask me).

Please indicate your interest with a check sent or PayPal to my email: ostrichkc@live.com of $50


You’re most welcome to attend the AUTUMN EQUINOX GATHERING and FUNDRAISER FOR THE HOMELESS. Read on for all the information you’ll need to enjoy this event:

When: September 22, 1-4 PM

Where: Renwick Mansion, 901 Tremont, Davenport Iowa.

Why: To celebrate and honor the abundance in our lives, the harvest of our year and to share some of our prosperity with the homeless in this community.

What will happen: We will be drumming and rattling and journeying to power animals and spiritual teachers You can learn this while here. Bring a drum and rattle or any musical instrument if you have one. (There will be extras.) We will be outside if the weather permits. Bring a garbage bag to sit on in case it is damp. Time to hang out and talk and maybe find some other reasons to get together to empower our community.

What can you do: bring something like muffins to sell or a craft if you have one. Some proceeds could go to the homeless. If you do not do this, bring yourself to be in community. Maybe you can donate $10.

Who is facilitating this event: Kathleen Collins

Who is invited: Everyone. Bring family and friends.

Who receives the money gathered: Humility Homes and Services (homeless shelter and housing)

Learn about Power Animals, December 14

All people have verbal and nonverbal ways of communicating, which let others know what energies they contain. We communicate through body language, through words, and through symbolic acts of creation. In ancient times, and still today, Native Americans carried shields or placed shields on tripods in front of their lodges. These shields were painted with symbols that defined the owner’s spiritual background. The images depicted the work the person had accomplished not only in the physical world but also in the world of spirit. Frequently the images included power animals.

Getting a sense of your power animal can help you identify what you are truly about. A power animal is part of you and helps you build power and focus energy. We need to relearn how to know ourselves in this way. This knowledge helps with healing, creativity and heightening consciousness, while growing intuition and deep spirituality. If you are a bear, no wonder you rest in the winter and don’t like to start new projects until spring. Knowing your power animal means knowing yourself better. How can you define who you are if you do not really and truly have the experience of knowing who you are on an instinctual level? This is empowering and FUN! And helps us recognize areas of challenge in our lives as well! Join regular Benet House presenter Kathleen Collins for this fascinating day.
Saturday, December 14, 9 am–2 pm; Benet House Retreat Center at St. Mary Monastery, Rock Island IL

Fee: Register and pay in full by Nov. 14: $50 (includes lunch); Registrations and payments after Nov. 14: $65 (includes lunch). Register HERE.

Medicine Wheel Day at Our Lady of the Prairie, June 1

attendees June 1 2019

Kathleen Collins and Attendees of the Medicine Wheel workshop: June 1, 2019 at Our Lady of the Prairie

Drumming summoned participants to each segment of the workshop.

Participants of Kathleen’s one-day session on the concept of the Medicine Wheel gathered at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center on Saturday, June 1.

The day consisted not only of learning the basic construct of the wheel and a glimpse into its use. Participants also learned how to use the Wheel to put balance into their lives. They worked with Kathleen and with partners to gain greater insight in to a concern they wished to explore. And they left with ideas to take action to restore balance by using the Medicine Wheel concept.

As usual, the grounds offered a setting of rural beauty. The spring flowers were abloom, creating an ambiance that enhanced the workshop.

Spring beauty enhanced the day.



Participants in this session will learn how to deal with the issue of dying and the destiny of souls from a shamanic perspective. The workshop is both for those who wish to learn for themselves, and for those who wish to help others who are in terminal situations or who have already passed on. Experiences to be undertaken include:

  • learning how to become experimentally familiar with the after-death realms,
  • tracking a person using shamanic journeying, completing unfinished business,
  • helping a person to cross over, and
  • classic psychopomp work. This work deepens your journeying skills.

PREREQUISITE: Familiarity and comfort with working with Upper World Teachers and Power Animal.

When: Sunday, June 9 11AM-3PM Bring an eye cover, blanket and notebook and pen…colored pencils, if you have them.

Cost: $80 You may PayPal me at ostrichkc@live.com or send a check beforehand to: 3649 Cedarview Court, Bettendorf IA 52722. If you are having financial difficulties, there is the Ole Wolf Scholarship Fund you can apply for.

Where: Davenport School of Yoga, 2nd floor, 735 Federal, Davenport.

Ceremony to release and gather power: April 20 in Moline


If your reality is not as you would have it be, if you are not living your truth,

if your own spiritual teachers have given you the ability and the power to change the way you are living until you are standing in the center of your truth,

in the center of your own power, yet you are not….

You can move into what you desire by spending some time making room for the life you want!

First, we need to let go of all that is in your way and then we will make room for all you desire!

Join me to ground and gather your power at last! This is ceremony!

Where, When, How to Attend Gather Power Ceremony

April 20 (Saturday) 1-4 PM, $60

Where: at “Purpose”-located on the 3rd floor of the Spotlight Theatre and Events Center formerly known as the Scottish Rite Cathedral), 1800 7th Ave, Moline.

You may PayPal me to ostrichkc@live.com or send a check to: 3649 Cedarview Ct., Bettendorf IA 52722

Join Us! Bring a blanket, paper and a pen, a drum or rattle if you have one!   ~Kathleen Collins

CommUniversity Course–The Shamanic Journey: Core Shamanism

Course by Rev. Kathleen Collins

During the basic experiential workshop, participants are introduced to core shamanism, the universal, near-universal, and common methods of the shaman to enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. Particular emphasis is on the classic shamanic journey, one of the most remarkable visionary methods used by humankind to explore the hidden universe otherwise known mainly through myth and dream. Participants are initiated into shamanic journeying, aided by drumming and other techniques for experiencing the shamanic state of consciousness and for awakening dormant spiritual abilities, including connections with nature. This is powerful and FUN!

Every year in February, CommUniversity students and instructors gather for four enjoyable Sunday afternoons to learn from each other and to delight in the breadth and depth of ideas that can make even a Midwestern winter bright. More information here. REGISTER HERE.

You can register online or via mail by completing our paper registration form. Classes do fill up so please include a first and second choice. Textbooks may be required for some courses. Students are responsible for acquiring their own books from local libraries, bookstores or the internet.

The Thursday before your first Sunday class, you will receive an email with a map of the St. Ambrose campus and the location of your classroom. The map also includes all of the available parking areas on campus so that you can plan the best place to park.

For questions about registration call 309-794-7259 or email katiehanson@augustana.edu

Info based on last year’s program here:


winter solstice

This is an opportunity to find some calm during the rushing holiday season! Find time for your spirit!
Where: Benet House, Rock Island–2200 88th Ave N. This is just beautiful property!

Friday, December 21 beginning at 5PM JOINING TOGETHER
Overnight rooms have a private bath/shower with twin beds. Folks can pick a roommate or have a single room. The main room has a gas fireplace.

A light meal will be served. We can bring snacks and access the kitchen.

Winter Solstice meditation. Folks can offer their talents and sell gifts as well. (Let me know what you would like to do or sell)
quiet time
time to chat and just be together or alone
movie shown (maybe somone has an outdoor fire bowl?)

A light breakfast in the morning. Departure at 10AM.

Total cost $75 paid via check to my home or PayPal (use the button on the bottom of this page).
If staying for the evening only, the price is $30. Please indicate your interest ASAP, please let’s do it

Building Intuition Workshop

We all have an intuitive strength and, perhaps, have never built our intuitive muscles! In this workshop, we learn a method to deepen our insight and trust ourselves! Bring three photos of people (please know who they are) with only one person in the photo; bring three items that are not yours Qewelry, pens, etc.) and know something about the owner; bring three questions you have in life! Presenter: Kathleen Collins. Kathleen is a graduate of the Western Illinois University (Masters of Education in Counseling), the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (Michael Harner :S- School: The Way of the Shaman), and the Lynn Andrews School of the Sacred Art. She studied Celtic Shamanism with Tom Cowan. Kathleen also completed energetic, nutritional and intuitive studies with Dr. Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss.

WHERE: Benet House Retreat Center at St. Mary Monastery

WHEN: Saturday, December 1, 9 am-2 pm

FEE: Register and pay in full by November 1 : $30 (includes lunch); Registrations and payments after Nov. 1: $45 (includes lunch).


Contact Sr. Jackie Walsh at (309) 283-2108 or retreats@smmsisters.org.

Or register online at www.smmsisters.orgintuition

New Monthly Drumming Circle at Benet Retreat Center 1

Drumming Circle (Ongoing Retreat) at Benet House Retreat Center in Rock Island IL

Kathleen Collins

Kathleen has initiated and participated in many drumming circles in the Quad Cities.

“Rhythm is a means of organizing sound into formulas to harmonize the mind and body.” – Layne Redmond, When the Drummers Were Women

Kathleen Collins will lead a drumming circle on the third Friday of each month at The Benet Retreat Center in Rock Island IL.

Drum Circles create an environment in which participants can feel connected with others and gain a sense of interpersonal support.  Connecting to others brings great benefits, especially when connecting to others in similar situations. A drum circle also provides an opportunity to connect with your own spirit at a deeper level. Group drumming alleviates self-centeredness, isolation and alienation. Research indicates that drumming accelerates physical healing and boosts the immune system. Moreover, specific studies conducted by professionals in the fields of music therapy and mental health reveal that drumming

  • reduces tension, anxiety and stress;
  • helps control chronic pain;
  • boosts the immune system and
  • releases negative feelings, blockages and emotional trauma.

Facilitator: Kathleen Collins. Event begins at 5:30 pm (optional Soup Supper); 6:15-8:15 pm Drumming Circle; Fee: $10 (Drumming Circle only); $19 (includes Soup Supper).

Monthly Fridays:  Aug. 17; Oct. 19; Nov. 16; Dec. 14; Jan. 18; Feb. 22; Mar. 22; Apr. 26; May 17; June 14


It’s advisable to register in advance, if you can, particularly if you wish to participate in the soup supper. However, registration is not absolutely mandatory.

Improving Our Intuition

Participants in a June 2 session at Our Lady of the Prairie Center flexed their “intuitive muscle” after learning a process to strengthen intuition. Partnering and working as the group, they got lots of practice in working intuitively.

intuition group

Participants at a session on improving intuition saw amazing things happen when they focused their powers to work intuitively.

Build and Strengthen Your Intuition


Build your intuition–learn ways and practice at this upcoming workshop.

We all have an intuitive strength and perhaps, have never built our intuitive muscles!

In the workshop Build Your Intuition we learn a powerful method to deepen our insight and trust ourselves!

Bring three photos of people (please know who they are) with only one person in the photo; bring three items that are not yours (jewelry, pens, etc) and know something about the owner; bring three questions you have in life!

When: June 2 9:303:30

Where: Our Lady of the Prairie farm, 2664 145th Ave., Wheatland, Iowa (about 45 minutes from Quad Cities) car pooling will be happening

Cost: $30! (which includes lunch)

Register by calling 563 336 8414 or email olpretreat@gmail.com


spring cleaning

If your reality is not as you would have it be, if you are not living your truth,

if your own spiritual teachers have given you the ability and the power to change the way you are living until you are standing in the center of your truth,

in the center of your own power, yet you are not….

You can move into what you desire by spending some time making room for the life you want!

First, we need to let go of all that is in your way and then we will make room for all you desire!

Join me to ground and gather your power at last!

April 28 (Saturday) 1-4 PM $60

Scottish Rite Cathedral, 1800 7th Ave., Moline


You may PayPal me to ostrichkc@live.com or send a check to:

3649 Cedarview Ct., Bettendorf IA 52722

Join Us! Bring a blanket,paper and a pen, a drum or rattle if you have one!

Communiversity Course: “The Shamanic Journey”

The Shamanic Journey

Learn about The Shamanic Journey at Communiversity in February 2018.

Kathleen Collins will teach a Communiversity Course again this February 2018. It’s entitled “The Shamanic Journey: Let’s Go Down the Tunnel Together.” [Course 25a] The four week Sunday sessions will form an experiential class in which we learn to meet up with a spirit animal and spiritual teachers, through the sound of drumming, for the purpose of asking questions about our lives! There can be deep spiritual awakenings, as well as healing and FUN! Information about shamanism in today’s world is explored. Please bring an eye cover, blanket to sit on, as well as a notebook and pen.

You can register online or via mail by completing the paper registration form: CLICK HERE. There are no exams or papers and the cost of all four sessions is $40. If money is a problem we have a scholarship program that can be accessed. Contact Kathleen for information.

The Thursday before your first Sunday class, you will receive an email with a map of the St. Ambrose campus and the location of your classroom. The map also includes all of the available parking areas on campus so that you can plan the best place to park.

For questions about registration call 309-794-7259 or email katiehanson@augustana.edu. For questions about The Shamanic Journey course, contact Kathleen Collins.


Special Holiday Pricing for Everyone: November 23-January 7

special holiday pricing

I am offering gift certificates for this holiday season in gratitude for a beautiful year. There has been new growth, new people in my life, and also the deepening of relationships. In thanks, these prices can be for YOU as well!

I can create a gift certificate or you can create one yourself, if it is a gift. I accept PayPal to my email [ostrichkc@live.com] or checks to 3649 Cedarview Court in Bettendorf, Iowa 52722.

All my shamanic work can be done at a distance for those who do not live nearby.

Special Holiday Pricing

DISCOVERY OF POWER ANIMALS $50.00! (normally $75.00)

DIVINATION (finding answers to troublesome questions) $75 (normally $100)

DISCOVERY OF SOUL ESSENCE (depiction of the energy you manifest into the world, to empower you and assist with being on your path) $75 (normally $100)

May the holiday season connect you with others and deepen your relationship and understanding of yourself!


Kathleen Collins

Winter solstice celebration opportunity

lamp Our Lady of the Prarie

Celebrate the winter solstice at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center and shine your light! [Photo credit: Our Lady of the Prairie Facebook page]

Kathleen Collins participated in a workshop at Our Lady of the Prairie this summer. While there, she realized how great this location would be for celebrating Solstice. So, on Friday, December 22 at 3 PM, she will begin leading a celebration and gathering. There will be dinner served ($12).  There’s room for overnighters ($40) and we will have breakfast in the morning ($6) and leave by 11 AM Saturday December 23.

We hope to have a combination of silence and talk and ceremony–both inside and outside, using the fire pit and labyrinth.

You are welcome to come for the festivities and dinner, if you are unable to spend the evening overnight.

Please indicate your interest and send PayPal to Kathleen at ostrichkc@live.com for what you are wanting (total for all would be $58, dinner only $12) or send a check ASAP to: 3649 Cedarview Court  Bettendorf Iowa 52722.

Farm Way Day: a celebration of life!

Experiencing the shamanic journey in group, on a beautiful property of Farm Way, all falling in love with the Earth, each other and life!

The Farm Way hosted a beautiful day focusing on The Shamanic Journey on Saturday, September 9. Food, nature, horses, drumming–all combined to create an idyllic experience. A picture is worth 1000 words, so enjoy these photos of the day:

Buck Schau establishes Ole Wolf Scholarship Fund

Buck Schau

Buck Schau

The Ole Wolf Scholarship Fund can help those who desire to do my workshops and have financial challenge. These monies were donated by Buck Schau, a man interested in super and supra events and healing work.

I had the privilege of meeting Buck in 2000. We became very close friends on a spiritual level, and he died in the spring of 2017. He helped a vast number of people, simply identifying himself as “a dirt farmer from Grand Mound.”

wolfI shall miss and honor my Wolf friend!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is the psychological acupressure technique (sometimes called “tapping”) that optimizes your emotional health. Although it is still often overlooked, emotional health is absolutely essential to your physical health and healing – no matter how devoted you are to the proper diet and lifestyle, you will not achieve your body’s ideal healing and preventative powers if emotional barriers stand in your way.

The Medicine Wheel: Practical Use in 2017


Learn the Native American practice of the Medicine Wheel. Use the Four Directions for balance and healing. Use this sacred tool to recognize places in your life where more balance is needed. Practice problem solving for yourself and others.  Attend a day with this focus at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center in Wheatland, IA on July 8, 2017. Fee: $20.

This will be a great get away day. At The Prairie you can walk the labyrinth, relax and be into the countryside a bit–yet it is only 45 minutes from the Quad Cities. Get good information that will last you a lifetime. Enjoy the great lunch of home-grown and local, organic food included in the day.

Find more information here: http://chmiowa.org/news-and-events/calendar/event/49

Call 563-336-8414 to reserve your place. (pre-registration required by 3 days prior)


Past Life Regression Services at The Dragonfly

past life regression

Past life regression is a means to healing and greater joy in living.

Kathleen Collins traned with the distinguished psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss, MD.  She is qualified to offer a new service: past life regression.

A graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, Brian L. Weiss M.D. is Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. He trains professionals nationally and internationally.

Kathleen began offering this new service in May 2017. You are welcome to schedule an appointment to take advantage of this alternative therapy  process. Be one of the first to take advantage of this new means to personal healing and growth in the Quad Cities.


Experience “Classic Shamanic Journey,” a CommUniversity course


“Classic Shamanic Journey” is a short course again offered by CommUniversity in Davenport IA, taught by Rev. Kathleen Collins of The Dragonfly.

This will help you experience one of the most remarkable visionary methods used by us to visit other realities, power animals and spiritual teachers for the purpose of gaining wisdom for your life, for others and for the planet. This course is experiential. And FUN. And life changing.

Please bring a blanket to sit on, and eye cover and a notebook and pen.

CommUniversity is excited to celebrate its 37th year of providing entertaining, informative and exciting classes to the Quad Cities in 2017. Each February, more than 500 students gather from 2 – 4 p.m. every Sunday afternoon.

You can register online. Registration information is available HERE. There is a $40 event fee.

Accent Photographics takes you into our therapy studio

[Photo Credit: Accent Photographics]

[Photo Credit: Accent Photographics] Kathleen Collins in her therapy room.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Shuva Rahim of Accent Photographics. She has produced a lovely blog post on her site, illustrated with her great photographic work, showing Kathleen Collins in her very special, peaceful therapy room.

The post tells the story of how Kathleen began to follow the path of healing that led her to this role of healer. It relates her dual ability: to heal by using conventional methodology and to heal by using alternative methods.

Please visit Accent Photographics post “Kathleen Collins | Iowa Mental Health Counselor of Spiritual Therapies Modern Professional” for more photos and information.

Enrich your life: The Shamanic Journey CommUniversity class

bridge-19513_1280Register now to make your February memorable and life-enriching with a CommUniversity class. Join fellow life journeyers each of the four February Sundays in a class led by Rev. Kathleen Collins entitled “Down the Rabbit Hole: The Shamanic Journey.”

We enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. The “journey” is a most remarkable visionary method to explore the hidden universe known mainly through myth and dream. We will wake up dormant spiritual abilities, including connections with nature. We will find your Power Animal (that reflects your gifts and your path) and a spiritual teacher (to protect and guide you). Experiential.

CommUniversity Class

This course is just one of many offerings in the popular CommUniversity program at Saint Ambrose University in Davenport, IA. Registration is easy. This grant-supported program costs just $40–no matter which of the many offerings you choose. The first program of courses offered in 1980 attracted 350 participants. But, by 1999, it grew to 470 participants in 30 classes. Now, after so many successful years of education, CommUniversity attracts nearly 600 learners annually.

Kathleen will look forward to leading all participants in an enlightening and rewarding program of self-enrichment. Register early so that you won’t be disappointed.

December 2015: Update from Kathleen Collins

new day

A new day dawns in the Quad Cities

Thank you for all your support throughout the year.

Here are some special December 2015 prices that are in effect through January 1. These may be also gift certificates. Remember, I can do animals and healing work at a distance if your gift is for someone not here in the Quad Cities.

Power Animal retrieval $50.00, normally $75.00
Soul Essence retrieval $60.00, normally $85.00
Soul Retrieval $100.00, normally $150.00

Any of the above would be a VERY SPECIAL, SPIRITUAL HEALING gift, as well as EMPOWERMENT tool.

CELEBRATE YOURSELF AND get a Soul retrieval.

I am at 563-332-4361, if you have questions.

New year long class for deepening your self love and understanding and spiritual life begins the end of this month!



Power animal: Your spirit counterpart

skunk power animal

Do you see a similarity in the woman and the power animal?

You don’t have to dress like your power animal to receive the benefits of that spirit guide. But, if you want to, you’re welcome to do so.

In this photo at the top of the post, the similarities are strikingly clear.

Power Animal Questions

Have you ever dressed like your animal? Do you look like yours? Enjoy the benefits of a relationship with your power animal. Take advantage of our service and discover your spirit companion.

The badger animal companion, as all companions, has a meaning that you can discover. Learn your companion animal and the message it brings to your life.


New course: “Love and Power”

A new course, “Love and Power,” will begin in late December 2015 and continue for an entire year.  This group will meet once a month while working with a weekly shamanic life changing workbook.

We need to go deep with our love, while blending it with living in a place or power (which means, living on your path).  This class will focus participants on creating that pathway in their lives.

The year long class will be $600.00 and can be paid in two parts. Those with financial questions can call to inquire.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to learn, to grow and to continue your ongoing transformation by focusing on your love and your power.

A Special Quad Cities Solstice Celebration

solstice celebrationCome celebrate the winter solstice with music, meditation, art and workshops. This special Solstice Celebration is December 22 at the River Music Experience in downtown Davenport at 129 Main Street. Admission for the evening of beauty, information and personal enrichment is just $20, day of show only.

Massage, art, and vegan food will be available for sale in the vending area.

Doors will open at 6:00 PM. Ages 19+ are welcome; those aged 18 and younger must be accompanied with guardian. Visit the Event’s Facebook page for more information and to invite your friends to this special event.

Dixon’s Violin

We are very excited to be bringing Dixon’s Violin as our main musical
entertainment! Dixon’s Violin is the world’s premier visionary violinist, Dixon’s life mission is to inspire people – and he has done so across North America, including giving two TED talks/performances, ten years at Burning Man, plus radio, TV, and film appearances.

Dixon walked away from a distinguished career to follow his dream full-time, and invented a whole new music genre. Based on his classically-trained violin mastery, Dixon now improvises on a 5-string electric violin with a looper to create an all-live one-man symphony.

Guided by his remarkable personal story of life transformation, he shows the beauty of doing something seemingly impossible. Dixon’s passionate energy will enchant, mesmerize, and inspire you!

Dixon’s Violin will perform and speak in the Redstone Room from 9-10:30 pm. 


Performing powerful, diverse originals and colorfully re-imagined covers and remixes, MRG will take the Redstone Room Stage following Dixon’s Violin. Visit their Facebook page for more information on this local band.

Arrive promptly for performance hall events as they will not be interrupted after starting.


In the Performance Hall:

  • Kathleen Collins – The Shamanic Journey, 6:30-7:30 pm
    Please bring yoga mat and eye covering for The Shamanic Journey.
  • Rafiki Acorn- Flow Meditation and performance, 7:35-7:55 pm
  • Lars Rehnberg – Reiki Self Healing, 8-9 pm
  • EmJay – Music Therapy and performance – Redstone
  • Nikki Jones – Essential Oils –  Vending Area, 7:35-7:55 pm
  • Duck – Relationship Between Consciousness and Matter

New Special Offers!

winter specials

The Dragonfly is offering new seasonal specials–plan ahead and make your holiday shopping so easy!

Gift certificates are available for Power Animal retrievals for the holidays (or any time). Delight someone you love with an unforgettable and possibly even life-changing gift.

Special pricing for Soul Retrieval is here, just in time for your holiday gift giving.
From Winter Solstice through January 24 you may purchase gift certificates or schedule your own Soul Retrieval,  regularly $150.00  NOW value-priced at just $100.00.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this special pricing to enrich your life and the lives of those you love.

winter special offers

Reflections on life changes–After a soul retrieval


In this testimony, life unfolds in ways that are unexpected, but beautiful, after a soul retrieval.

We were delighted to receive this message from a client who shared her experience of life changes she experienced after a soul retrieval. She has generously allowed us to share it with you, too, here:

I didn’t know what to expect from the soul retrieval. The morning after Kathleen did the soul retrieval, my husband and I drove to Iowa City to celebrate (a one hour drive). I was driving because he is in a wheelchair and can’t drive. I felt happy that morning and there were beautiful clouds above us, in front and surrounding us, curving around like the curvature of the earth. I was very aware of the clouds, as if they were much closer than usual and I felt I wanted to listen to music and tuned into a choir singing Bach, it was all very vivid and gorgeous.  I felt a sense of wonder that one feels as a child as we drove along, completely in the present. I was unusually patient with my husband. He requires a lot of attention as he can’t move other than his neck, head and a bit in the shoulder flower budand has trouble speaking, and I tire quickly on a drive and tend to be a little sharp. But not on that day. I could feel the returning child gifts within me and I kept hugging them internally and welcoming them. I felt the fullness of their presence and return within my being. Also there was a piece that I had given to my husband, it was welcomed back, and there was a sense of being more myself.

There was another aspect that returned, the disappointed or self sabotaging aspect, and I began to recognize what that self-sabotage really meant (not what I thought). Self sabotage had something to do with the gift of reconnection to my dreams (within the context of this insight), I realized that I should stop chasing the dreams that were totally unrealistic, (and not fun, bring little profit, hard work and impossible to arrange), and follow the fun ones that were within my reach in my situation (as a caregiver for my husband). Insights about my childhood also came to me. But most impressive to me was my patience, and the return of innocence and enjoyment of the simplest things (clouds, music, landscape, people), due to being more in the moment. These feelings were on and off during the next six days.

roseAnd THEN six days later, I experienced excruciating pain in my back which left me incapacitated for about three weeks, slowly recuperating over a six week period (still not fully there yet). My back had begun to feel more pain than usual a few weeks earlier in the summer. But I have never felt pain like that (maybe giving birth, but that was a mere 16 hours). When I told Kathleen about this and asked if it could have something to do with the soul retrieval, she wrote, “Sometimes CHANGE WANTS to happen for you SO DEEPLY so you can live with freedom”…and boy did I cherish those words.  I realized that the feeling of too much being asked of me was being manifested in this pain. Suddenly I could no longer take care of Mark and everyone had to scramble! I was driven deep within by the pain and honestly, it was a relief (but excruciating) to do absolutely nothing for three weeks. I was like a helpless child. And I had to ask for help. But mostly I was aware of the pain, of my physical body and I had to take care of myself. Kathleen was very helpful during this period when we emailed each other.

Now, the result is that in the last few weeks (seven weeks since the soul retrieval) our lives have been rearranged in such a way that I have the help that I really need in taking care of my husband without damaging my back. Getting more help was a step in feeling safe in the world and not sabotaging myself, it was a HUGE STEP in my life. We are both much more relaxed because of this change, and I am seeing the possibility of having more time to myself in the future, something I just couldn’t see before. Also, I have had to change my diet and health habits to improve the arthritis in my back and I feel better for it.

flower butterflyI’ve also felt more inspiration in my art. That has been very strong, even when I was immobilized, as soon as I could sit for ten minutes, I began a new pastel painting.  The feeling that “I don’t want to be here anymore” has mostly disappeared as well.

It’s an ongoing process, and as time moves forward I begin to recognize the internal attitudes that are changing and the changes that need to take place. Self-sabotage is starting to fall away, piece by piece, as I become more aware of the things I do to sabotage myself, (in the past it was difficult to see this). There are times when I might have “given” myself to Mark out of a deep sense of “How can I help him through this?” Now, instead, something inside of me says, “No, that won’t help either of us.”  These were all part of the gifts received through the soul retrieval, and all I can say is welcome home and thank you, Kathleen!


D. S.

New Class: Finding Your 12 Archetypes

12 ArchetypesYour 12 archetypes were created as a Sacred Contract before birth for the purpose of learning the lessons meant for you! This guided class is powerful work to assist you in learning more about yourself and your path. It is also FUN

We will use the work of Caroline Myss as our guide…(no need to buy her book, Sacred Contracts).

We will learn which of our archetypes we “lead” with and that each archetype comes to life at different times, as we need them!

To fulfill your divine potential and even to resolve the many issues of daily life, you must enlist a higher plane of consciousness. To be able to see symbolically, to act appropriately on your intuitions, takes practice. There is no more valuable contribution that you can make to your spiritual health than learning to understand your Sacred Contracts as written in your own archetypal language. Identifying your energy patterns helps you to gain a much greater vision of the meaning and purpose of many of your experiences and relationships. When you symbolically read the content of your life, you can make better choices.

Sacred Contracts are mystical, inner agreements we have with our life path and with certain people on our life path. These agreements are not logical. They are mystical, mysterious, and hidden within the subtle forces that govern our life. It’s so very enlightening to understand your life through the lens of Sacred Contracts and to be able to recognize the people in this life who are bonded to you through such a sacred agreement. Every one’s life looks profoundly different before and after understanding their Sacred Contracts.

Four sessions (these are all necessary parts):

September 26     2-5 PM

October 3   2-5   PM

October 17   2-5 PM

October 24  2-5 PM    COST: $  250.00

LOCATION: my place 3649 Cedarview, Bettendorf  IA                                                 

Please send deposit of $100.00 to the above address.

Questions?  Please call 563-3324361 or email  ostrichkc@live.com

A simple snack and beverages will be offered.

Many insurance plans will cover this work. Ask me if I am a provider for yours!

April Special: Divination

april special divination

Divination Special

Usually $100.00. This month: $75.00
Divination is a simple process for you. You just give me the questions that concern you, and we set a phone time to discuss the answers. Or, you can arrange to meet with me personally.

The responses come from my spiritual teachers. Your questions can be about ANYTHING or ANYONE in your life. This can be VERY helpful.

Happy Spring!

It is my honor to serve you.

Men’s Group for those sexually assaulted & 30 Years or older

men's group

Men’s group for those who have suffered sexual assault and are 30 years of age or better to begin in Bettendorf, Iowa.


When: The first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM-8:00 PM

Where: Bettendorf, Iowa (call 563-332-4361) in private residential setting

Facilitated by: Kathleen Collins, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

To register or if you have questions: Call 563-332-4361, or Email ostrichkc[at]live[dot]com

Cost: Free Will Donation

Compassionate Depossession: February Special Pricing, Limited time offer

compassionate depossession

Compassionate depossession is offered at a special price point during the month of February. Move forward unimpeded; remove what limits your progress.

The Dragonfly by Kathleen Collins, is offering special pricing in February until March 1, 2015 on Compassionate Depossession. This service, normally $100.00, is offered only during the month of February for just $75.00.

There are real cases of spiritual possession. It’s also important to note that at the same time most of us can experience being ‘overshadowed’–as if some ‘thing’ is in our way. This ‘something’ can be gently removed from your energy field. In compassionate depossession, the Shaman escorts that spirit to the place it is meant to be.

This is very powerful, yet very simple work and can release you to move on your way more strongly.

Christmas gift specials at The Dragonfly

[Update: January 2015–the Christmas gift specials are no longer available.]

Gift certificates for Power Animals are available (usually $75.00 – until January 1, $50.00!)

I am able to discover someone’s totem from a distance, if they do not live here.

Also, any of my services are $60,00 now (usually $80.00).  (Soul retrieval not included)

Also, Solar Lunar calendars are in for 2015 and are $21.50.
Drumming tapes ~  $19.00
Intuition oil   ~ $15.00  (made by Dr. Norm Shealy)

Eye covers for journeying or profound sleep ~ $10.00
Bath salts created with essential oils and epsom salts for healing and transformation are $10.00 or $15.00
Rose oil (used to protect your boundaries)  $12.00