About Kathleen Collins

Kathleen CollinsKathleen’s extensive training equips her with a bounty of techniques to assist those with empowerment issues, depression, chronic illness and who are stuck in old patterns and behaviors. Nothing else ever worked? Alternative approaches can bring a quantum leap into the person you were meant to be. This gentle healing work for mind-body-spirit concerns, includes: 

  • Power Animal retrievals,
  • Soul retrievals, reconnection to your own spirit,
  • extraction work and
  • Compassionate Depossession, as well as more conventional therapies.

Kathleen is a graduate of the Western Illinois University (Masters of Education in Counseling), the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (Michael Harner’s School: The Way of the Shaman), and the Lynn Andrews School of the Sacred Art (Lynn Andrews: author, shaman and executive producer of The Sixth Sense). Kathleen later served as a mentor at that school.

She studied Celtic Shamanism with Tom Cowan. Kathleen also completed energetic, nutritional and intuitive studies with Dr. Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss. Shealy, a most well known  and well-published alternative physician, is a neurosurgeon and founder of the American Holistic Medical Society. Myss is a popular author and medical intuitive.

Brian Weiss, MD trained Kathleen in past life regression therapy.

In addition, Kathleen also completed studies at Hippocrates Health Institute, learning Ann Wigmore’s raw food and wheat grass therapy.

Kathleen has worked intimately with Malidoma Some, West African shaman. Her Dagara name is Bi No Noh, meaning “she who assists others in finding their buoyant and unencumbered spirit.”

Kathleen CollinsShe is trained in Hakomi therapies, connecting body with emotional well-being. She learned Soul retrieval from Sandra Ingerman. She has worked with Clarissa Pinkoles Estes (author: Women Who Run with the Wolves, Jungian psychotherapist and dream interpreter) and Joe Dispenza, D.C..

She learned Integrated Awareness and intuitive methods from Consuela Newton.

She assisted John Upledger, D.O. (cranial sacral therapy) during a workshop, serving as his “patient.”

Kathleen worked with Angeles Arrien, author of The Fourfold Way and The Second Half of Life.

Kathleen was honored to be chosen to participate in Sandra Ingerman’s two year teacher training program. This will help her to help others at even deeper levels.  She was invited to teach with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies and studied West African Divination with Malidoma Some.

She has studied Shamanic Reiki and attained the Masters Completion level.

Kathleen is also an ordained minister for the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards. Her background includes teaching English and French, pharmaceutical sales, disaster mental health counseling with the American Red Cross, hospice volunteer, and specialized training in domestic violence and child abuse.

Kathleen is listed in Who’s Who in American Women and Who’s Who in Woman in Industry and Finance. She is available for counseling on the phone.

As a minister for the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards, she performs ceremonies of all kinds, including marriage.

Kathleen is available to those who are considering gender change and LGBTQIAPK issues. Her alternative therapies can assist those dealing with chronic pain diseases and issues of death and dying.

For further information on Kathleen Collins, visit her pages on Shamanism.org and Alternative Therapists Directory. She’s shared on WVIK National Public Radio.

Kathleen is a provider for these medical insurance companies: Optum, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield (any state), Health Alliance, Tricare, Aetna, Value Options, Midlands’s Choice, Cigna, Health Partners, MH Net, and Wellmark. She can accept payment through PayPal.

~Alternative approaches can bring a quantum leap into the person you were meant to be.~