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Explore the “Ancient Shamanic Journey” at CommU in February 2020

Discover your power animal and travel down the rabbit hole to discover your wisdom and answers to
life’s concerns. Become empowered. Come to Black Hawk College every Sunday in February from 2-4PM and brighten up your winter.

This course will explore core shamanism as practiced by every culture since the
dawn of humanity. Learn how to connect with your spiritual teachers who can help make
profound changes to your life. This is empowerment work!

This class is experiential with discussion about shamanism and how it can be used today. This is truly FUN!

Please bring a notebook, a pen, an eye cover and a rattle or drum, if you have one.

Register HERE for Ancient Shamanic Journey. Fee: $40. You can pay online.

You can also register by mail, phone or fax. MORE INFO on CommUniversity on the Black Hawk College website.

Share our Facebook event page with others who may be interested. CommU is more fun with friends.

Beginning 2020 with personal power

participants at work

Participants create a symbol of their goal, a reminder to claim their power.


If you want power, you have to make a place inside you for it to live. When you make an act of power, you begin to manifest your true destiny in this lifetime. It is a gathering of your strength, and energy.

Act of Power group

Group members cry “Ho!” as they stand proudly with their power symbol–the arrow.

Retreat participants at Our Lady of the Prairie spent meditative time discovering what they have always wanted to do. Then, they created small steps to get there through the coming year. Finally, each one created a Prayer Arrow in honor of their personal goal. It will serve as a reminder during 2020 of the direction each one chose for her life.