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Winter solstice celebration opportunity

lamp Our Lady of the Prarie

Celebrate the winter solstice at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center and shine your light! [Photo credit: Our Lady of the Prairie Facebook page]

Kathleen Collins participated in a workshop at Our Lady of the Prairie this summer. While there, she realized how great this location would be for celebrating Solstice. So, on Friday, December 22 at 3 PM, she will begin leading a celebration and gathering. There will be dinner served ($12).  There’s room for overnighters ($40) and we will have breakfast in the morning ($6) and leave by 11 AM Saturday December 23.

We hope to have a combination of silence and talk and ceremony–both inside and outside, using the fire pit and labyrinth.

You are welcome to come for the festivities and dinner, if you are unable to spend the evening overnight.

Please indicate your interest and send PayPal to Kathleen at for what you are wanting (total for all would be $58, dinner only $12) or send a check ASAP to: 3649 Cedarview Court  Bettendorf Iowa 52722.

Farm Way Day: a celebration of life!

Experiencing the shamanic journey in group, on a beautiful property of Farm Way, all falling in love with the Earth, each other and life!

The Farm Way hosted a beautiful day focusing on The Shamanic Journey on Saturday, September 9. Food, nature, horses, drumming–all combined to create an idyllic experience. A picture is worth 1000 words, so enjoy these photos of the day: