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December 2015: Update from Kathleen Collins

new day

A new day dawns in the Quad Cities

Thank you for all your support throughout the year.

Here are some special December 2015 prices that are in effect through January 1. These may be also gift certificates. Remember, I can do animals and healing work at a distance if your gift is for someone not here in the Quad Cities.

Power Animal retrieval $50.00, normally $75.00
Soul Essence retrieval $60.00, normally $85.00
Soul Retrieval $100.00, normally $150.00

Any of the above would be a VERY SPECIAL, SPIRITUAL HEALING gift, as well as EMPOWERMENT tool.

CELEBRATE YOURSELF AND get a Soul retrieval.

I am at 563-332-4361, if you have questions.

New year long class for deepening your self love and understanding and spiritual life begins the end of this month!



Power animal: Your spirit counterpart

skunk power animal

Do you see a similarity in the woman and the power animal?

You don’t have to dress like your power animal to receive the benefits of that spirit guide. But, if you want to, you’re welcome to do so.

In this photo at the top of the post, the similarities are strikingly clear.

Power Animal Questions

Have you ever dressed like your animal? Do you look like yours? Enjoy the benefits of a relationship with your power animal. Take advantage of our service and discover your spirit companion.

The badger animal companion, as all companions, has a meaning that you can discover. Learn your companion animal and the message it brings to your life.