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My Father–The Engine Behind All I Believe I Can Do

Kathleen Collins as child

Photo of Kathleen Collins as a child. [photo taken by her father]

The photo is of me in Carragana, Saskatchewan Canada with uncles and aunts and cousins- but, especially, my father- who is on the other end of the camera. He who empowered me and deeply loved me and showed it. He is the engine behind all that I believe I can do and he led me into shamanic work.

To be empowered and loved leads one to be able to love and empower others!  This picture shows purity of spirit and a genuine naiveté and trust in life. Canada in the 50’s was untouched- no running water inside and much magic still left!

Steven Halpern and the Role of Relaxation in Healing

Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern

The Dragonfly recommends the message of Steven Halpern, a Grammy nominated recording artist and pioneering sound healer, in his current newsletter [September 2014]. Click through and read it on his website in its entirety.

“Addiction, Recovery, Meditation and Relaxation”

Entitled “Addiction, Recovery, Meditation and Relaxation,” the newsletter offers a different and necessary perspective on healing from addiction and the need for a deep spiritual connection. This is a timely message for us all.

Steven Halpern